President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko does not understand either army or reforms in it. Ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko stated yesterday commenting Yushchenko’s words concerning decrease of level of combat readiness in army.

“If the matter concerned professional discussion, I could give tens of arguments proving increase of fighting efficiency of Armed Forces and systematic changes for the better. But taking into consideration that the matter does not concern professional approach, I restricts to short remark,” Hrytsenko said.

“Unfortunately for these three years the President could not understand either army or content and depth of its reforms,” Hrytsenko said.

As a reminder, on December 24 during instatement of New Defense Minister Yury Yekhanurov, Viktor Yushchenko stated that level of combat readiness of Armed Forces reached the very bottom.

At the same time on November 10 Yushchenko characterized positively activity of heads of Defense Ministry.


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