Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will vote for appointment of Prime Minister, dismissal of acting PM Viktor Yanukovych, appointment of new government and dismissal of the current one by raising hands.

It is foreseen by voting procedure, adopted on December 18 by counting commission of the parliament. Before voting for each issue, registration of People’s deputies will be carried out. Every registered people’s deputy must be at his working place during voting.

The procedure foresees that chairman of the counting commission reads aloud surnames of People’s deputies of each faction, beginning with the most numerous, in alphabetic order. After announcement of the surname, People’s deputy’s face is displayed on the video screens.

Will of each People’s deputy will be fixed by audio and video devices. If People’s deputy votes “for”, he raises his/her hand and says “for”. Voting “against”, People’s deputy does not raise his/her hand and says “against”/”refrain”.

After voting, counting commission defines results of the voting and announces protocol at the plenary session of the VRU.


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