Special group of the Security service of Ukraine that was formed and sent to the VRU to examine voting system “Rada”, did not fix any interference in its work during voting for PM.

Group of specialists of the SBU was working in the parliament for the whole night.

Yesterday on December 11, during voting for PM, cards of People’s deputies from BYuT Ivan Denkovych and Yaroslav Fedorchuk and also from OU-PSD Olexander Omelchenko did not work. Moreover, PR member Vladyslav Lukyanov took away a voting card of Arseny Yatsenyuk.

People’s deputies from BYuT faction applied to the SBU with request to institute legal proceedings.

In turn President Viktor Yushchenko asks Prosecutor General Olexander Medvedko and acting chairman of SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko to submit him and chairman of the VRU information on results of investigation on possible cases of interference into the “Rada” system during the voting.


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