PR member Nestor Shufrych considers that VRU speaker Arseny Yatsenyuk violated the law by holding re-voting for PM position after Tymoshenko got only 225 votes of support.

Party of Regions is waiting for explanations from “oranges”. Shufrych noted that question on voting for PM is very principle.

Shufrych considers that it is necessary to apply to the Prosecutor General’s Office to clear up why Yatsenyuk, having seen that voting for PM is not passed, announced it again.

Today BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko has not been elected to the PM position. 225 People’s deputies voted for her.

Olexander Turchynov stated that some voting cards did not work. VRU speaker Arseny Yatsenyuk submitted issue on re-voting for position of PM for voting. However, again 225 People’s deputies supported this idea on re-voting.

After that representatives of Party of Regions blocked podium of the parliament.


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