All People’s deputies, forming the democratic coalition, must vote for the candidacy of Yulia Tymoshenko for a position of the Prime Minister. As ForUm’s correspondent reports, deputy leader of the BYuT Olexander Turchynov stated in an interview with parliamentary journalists.

Answering the journalists’ question what was the result of consultation of Tymoshenko with the Party of Region, Turchynov noted that there were no consultation as such, but there were meetings of the BYuT leader with all factions.

Besides, the People’s deputy claimed that “doors to the coalition are always open, in particular for the bloc of Lytvyn.”

Turchynov has informed that all People’s deputies have come to the parliament and he hopes that all his colleagues are ready to vote.

At the same time he has informed that the composition of the Cabinet has not been yet “worked out, because there are some discrepancies in the position of the OU-PSD faction.” “I hope that after the election of the Prime Minister and the President’s arrival to the parliament, our allies will finally affirm their quota and we will vote for whole composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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