People’s deputy from “Our Ukraine-People’s self-Defense” bloc Yuriy Yekhanurov considers that BYuT merges “Our Ukraine” party. He said that in an interview with radio ”Svoboda”.

According to Yekhanurov, there is s process of takeover of “Our Ukraine” by BYuT. The strategic decision was made to destroy rival on the election field. Both in local organization and leading party bodies some part of OU is oriented at BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

“I tell you about real things. So today many people from OU are oriented at Tymoshenko. It is a matter of time when new breakdown happens,” he said.

He also expressed doubt that there would be single democratic-oriented party on the basis of OU-PSD”.

“Unfortunately promises,concerning creation of single party after elections, of our party leaders, all these so-called hetmans, and leaders, led to failure to do it,” he said. Leaders of parties of OU-PSD bloc have different opinions and approaches of formation of single party.


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