The coalition is proclaimed formally but in fact it doesn’t exist. Volodymyr Lytvyn, leader of the bloc of Lytvyn stated in an interview with journalists.

He has noted: “I think that for today the coalition doesn’t exist.” “Formally the coalition was proclaimed, but in fact, it doesn’t exist. Because if it had been existed, we would have considered the staff questions,” he added.

Answering the journalists’ question, whether he works in the opposition, and whether it is a constructive opposition, Lytvyn has answered that he is strongly against to do such definitions.

He has also informed that he will work as the People’s deputy of Ukraine in the committee on education and science.

Answering the question, whether the Lytvyn’s bloc votes for the candidacy of Yatsenyuk to the post of the VRU speaker, he has noted that his faction will take part in voting, “but the question is whether this decision is positive, or negative one.”


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