All difficulties concerning coalition agreement between BYuT and OU-PSD, all personal and staff complications are already solved. The OU-PSD faction leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that today in an interview with parliamentary journalists, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Kyrylenko, “oranges” did everything possible to form democratic coalition.

Kyrylenko admitted that 227 votes are critical number. At the same time he noted that discipline in both factions and readiness of BYuT and OU-PSD People’s deputies to carry out constructive work must prevail.

Kyrylenko also expressed opinion that after appointment of VRU speaker, PM, democratic government, the number of coalition supporters would be increased and voting in the parliament would be consolidated.

As a reminder, Ivan Plyushch did not sign coalition agreement with BYuT despite significant talks with the President. So now there are 227 People’s deputies in the democratic coalition instead of 228 as it was considered.


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