President Viktor Yushchenko calls parliamentary political forces to hold negotiations concerning constructive work of the coalition and opposition in the VRU of VI convocation. He said that on November 24.

According to Yushchenko, it would be ideal that the majority and minority in the VRU to be constructive. “For this it is necessary constructive dialogue. A month and a half has passed. Who held any negotiations? Nobody,” he said.

According to Yushchenko, feeling of hostility has become almost as “etalon of behavior” of Ukrainian politicians. There is a big trial before politicians in case they do not agree. “Because aggression will concern not only procedure issues but ideology that is very important and painful for еру nation,” he said.

Yushchenko noted that leaders of BYuT and PR could not reach understanding. “Our Ukraine" could help. Political forces did not demonstrate great state concern about that can unite us and reach constructive relations between majority and minority.

According to Yushchenko, results of elections impel each side to negotiate. “In case you do not reach agreement, you will have very unsteady position, despite where you are: in the majority or minority,” he said.


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