Dear fellow citizens,

I would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to you on Ukrainian Language Day.

...I praise the grandeur and strength of our word, its powerful and millennium-long history, and our high spiritual, literary and folk culture, which belongs not only to us but also to the entire world. The heart and soul of the Ukrainian land has been speaking our language since the deepest traditions appeared and the ancient chronicles, The Tale of Ihor’s Campaign and the Ostrog Bible, were written. We must appreciate the great significance of our native language and our personal responsibility for it before the past, the present and the future with dignity and respect.

The establishment of our state started with a struggle for its language. The national rebirth of all the deepest creative, constructive and cultural energies depends on Ukraine’s full linguistic recovery. We must walk this path with confidence and determination but also with wisdom and tolerance in our treatment of those returning to our sources.

The spirit of our freedom speaks the Ukrainian language. Like our renewed freedom and democracy, the state language requires our daily work and support. The real and ubiquitous strengthening of its positions should fulfill the important and fair mission of protecting in a truly civilized manner the rights of the national minorities humiliated by the Soviet regime. The language should become a natural and uniting factor of interethnic communication in our state.

Our language is one of the languages spoken by great European and global nations. It is incumbent on our state to make other nations familiar with our word. It is important to create an atmosphere of social calm, tolerance and mutual understanding in each area of this work so that this atmosphere should be our common guard against any political speculation and intentional splits.

Our nation is united. Its language is a great basis for the unity of the entire state and a spiritual guarantee of its future.

I wish all of us love, happiness, mutual understanding and help so that we follow the Word from which Ukraine started. As the President's press office reports.


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