34th session of the General conference of UNESCO, consisting of 193 countries, adopted resolution on commemoration of Holodomor victims in Ukraine. ForUm reports, referring to Foreign Ministry press service.

General conference of UNESCO, reminding about Holodomor 1932-33, as a result of which millions of Ukrainians died, has expressed assurance that Holodomor tragedy that was caused by cruel actions and policy of totalitarian regime of Stalin, must become a warning to present and next generations to respect democratic values, human rights and law.

General conference of UNESCO honored memory of killed people and expressed condolences on Holodomor victims 1932-33 in Ukraine and victims of famine taken place also in Russia, Kazakhstan and other territories of USSR.

General conference also appreciated initiative of Ukraine concerning arrangement of 75th-anniversary of Holodomor in Ukraine and invited countries-members of UNESCO to participate in memory events.

Moreover, General conference addressed countries-members of UNESCO with request to spread information about Holodomor in order future generations to learn tragedy history.

However, General conference has not given political and judicial estimation to Holodomor in Ukraine in adopted resolution as it is not under its competence. Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko said that today.

“UNESCO is not a political organization, it is not the UNO, but social body. That’s why UNESCO cant give judicial estimations,” he said.

At the same time Ohryzko noted that adoption of a resolution on Holodomor victims memory in Ukraine is very important. UNESCO became the first international organization of universal character that approved such resolution.


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