People’s deputy of Ukraine of the fifth convocation, member of the “Our Ukraine” faction Pavlo Zhebrivsky considers the statements of wide format of the coalition are unacceptable. He told ForUm’s correspondent.

The People’s deputy agrees that not all the points of the coalition agreement will be normally apprehended by members of the “OU-PSD” bloc. The People’s deputy notes that he doesn’t accept the paying back of citizens’ savings for two years because this may lead to the hyperinflation and economy destruction. He also doesn’t accept the cancellation of the conscription 2008 because such abrupt changes shouldn’t be done in the national security of the country.

“I do not agree with these postulates, and nobody forbids me not to vote for them. But it doesn’t mean that we should not form the coalition of the democratic forces,” he said.

Zhebrivsky has emphasized that he would be glad if the bloc of Lytvyn joins the “orange” coalition.


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