One of the BYuT leaders Mykola Tomenko proposes to hold election of mayor of the capital in two rounds. It is stated in the comments of Tomenko.
 “The special status of Kyiv city as the capital of Ukraine requires the head of the city to be chosen by majority of citizens of the Ukrainian capital. The head should represent different social strata of the city,” Tomenko noted and added that election of the mayor should be the election of the society.
“So that nor political villains, nor financial drug abuser become the heads of the Ukrainian capital, the election should be held in two tours, which will give the possibility to elect not only the particular person but the particular team and particular program of the city development, in order Kyiv citizens to be sure in the civilized development of the city,” Tomenko is sure.
As earlier reported, the BYuT and the “OU-PSD” bloc claimed not once about the intentions to organize the early election of Kyiv mayor and the city council.

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