On October 27 official newspapers “Uryadovy courier” and “Voice of Ukraine” publicized results of early parliamentary elections, taken place on September 30, 2007.

In such a way parliamentary campaign in Ukraine is considered to be completed. Now election winners must form the majority that will nominate new government.

As a reminder, on October 15 the CEC announced official results of early parliamentary elections. According to CEC, PR got 34.37%, BYuT got 30.71%, “OU-PSD” bloc got 14.15%, CPU - 5.39%, Lytvyn bloc -3.96%. The SPU got 2.86% and did not get to the parliament. In total 20 political parties and blocs participated in early elections. Protocol on election results was signed by all CEC members without any remarks.

The candidate for People’s deputy from SPU Ivan Boky applied to the Supreme administrative court with request to admit CEC members actions illegal. On October 17 the Supreme administrative court forbade to publicize results in official newspapers until the court decision.

The Supreme administrative court refused in satisfaction of the claim. The court did not found any illegal actions of CEC during ascertainment of elections results.


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