SPU refused to make personnel conclusion out of its defeat at early parliamentary elections. Such decision was made at political council of SPU taken place yesterday. Socialists admitted defeat during elections but voted down Moroz’s resignation application. The whole ruling top preserved its positions in the party.

The first issue discussed at SPU session was resignation of its leader Olexander Moroz. “In case all members of political council of the SPU consider that current defeat of the SPU concerns Olexander Moroz and his election strategy, then I am ready to resign,” Moroz said.

Political council of the SPU voted down Moroz resignation unanimously.

Strategy of Moroz was admitted as correct. The SPU considers that the SPU defeat is because the party is in crisis now. And idea on party development is on the level of 90-th years.

Issues on necessary resignation of secretaries of political council were also discussed. “Secretaries as responsible persons for elections results were offered to resign. However, after emotional discussions and accusations secretaries and their chairmen remained on their positions.


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