The unprecedented increase of prices is caused by inefficient work of the government’s economic sector. Rates of inflation in September exceed the forecast of the Economy Ministry fourfold and reached 2.2%. It’s a culmination of infirm policy,” the “OU – PSD” bloc member Kseniya Lyapina stated in an interview, OU-PSD press office reported.

“That’s why we have such a bad situation with prices. Food prices rose by 3% in general in September. For example, sunflower oil – 17.3%, milk – 8.9%, butter – 8.2% etc. Since the beginning of the year price for sunflower oil rose by 50%, for vegetables and potato – by 22.8%, bread and bread products – by 10.6%,” she stressed.

“The government didn’t care of economic policy at all lately. Finally, the Cabinet of Ministers has lost all control over the macroeconomic situation,” she added.

According to her, the new democratic government will be able to stabilize the situation. “Of course, abrupt decrease of the inflation rate is rather hard thing to do. We should define realistic objectives – to reduce tempo of the incredible inflation growth and stabilize the situation the next year. The new government should be responsible for all forecasts made in their programs,” she said


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