The BYuT will make all possible in order the last year process of formation not to repeat again, because otherwise the transferring of some People’s deputies from the OU-PSD to the coalition, headed by the Party of Regions, may occur. Deputy leader of the BYuT Mykola Tomenko stated.

The politician noted that lessons of 2006 must be taken into account, when the procedure of coalition formation was too long.

According to him, after announcement of preliminary results of the elections the coalition between the BYuT and the OU-PSD should be affirmed. The official agreement on coalition formation, as well as PM and VRU chairman candidacies nomination, must take place after announcement of official results.

“If this is not done, then, obviously, the scenario, voiced by leaders of the Communist party, will be performed - transferring of some People’s deputies, first of all from the OU-PSD, so that the Party of Regions, the CPU, the bloc of Lytvyn to form the coalition and to continue the government of Yanukovych,” the BYuT member summarized.


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