President Viktor Yushchenko on Thursday sent a letter to Prosecutor General Olexander Medvedko with a request to resolve the conflict between those residents of Kyiv, Boryspil and the village of Chubynske, who have invested money in new apartments (2-20 Staronavodnytska Street and 4a Simyi Sosninykh Street in Kyiv, 97 Kyivsky Shlyakh Street in Boryspil and 14 Pogrebnyak Street in Chubynske) and their construction companies. Yushchenko wants Medvedko to ask his office to examine the country’s laws on how to pay damages, President’s press office reports.

The President also has sent a letter to Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky with a request to guarantee that the Elite-Center fraud victims will either get their money back or get new apartments.

Yushchenko said the mayor should meet with the Union of the Brutally Deceived Citizens, which protects the interests of the poorest victims.

Yushchenko wants to hear reports by Chernovetsky and Medvedko by September 25.


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