The leader of BYuT Yulia Tymoshenko convinced, that new proprietors of largest metallurgical combine in Ukraine "Kryvorizhstal’'" fulfill their investment obligations completely. Yulia Tymoshenko declared this during her visit to Vinnytsa region, Yulia Tymoshenko press service reported.

"Today fulfilling of all investment obligations on "Kryvorizhstal’" are done with exactness of clock", - she marked.

According to the leader of BYuT, she was convinced in this, during communication with the workers of combine.

A "investment agreement, signed by us in 2005 year, consisted of 3 parts - economic, that was composed by Ministry of Industrial Policy which obligates the proprietors of combine to inlay over 10 milliards of Euro in modernization of capacities of productions in the nearest 5 years, ecological - that was composed by government of the city that provides to solve of 905 ecological problems of the city, and social - that was composed by the trade unions of combine, which foresees saving of quantitative composition of workers during 10 and raising of middle wages to the middle European level," Yulia Tymoshenko noted .

Tymoshenko added that after privatization "Kryvorizhstal’'" took back all social infrastructure which a combine had before its privatization.

"Today the workers of "Kryvorizhstal’" can use kindergarten and resort hotels which belong to the combine, a new 133-housing dwelling-house is built for workers - and there is a hope and inspiration for people to work here,"  Yulia Tymoshenko said.


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