Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko considers that initiative of Party of Regions to hold national referendum on status of the Russian language and NATO accession is political bluff. He said that yesterday in scope his visit to Kirovohrad region.

In particular he stated that referendum on these issues is not likely to be held, because it is only bluff and political speculations. According to Tsushko, manipulation of referendum is “political escalation”.

“75-80% of Ukrainians are against NATO. It is not my data but predicted results of experts,” he said.

“Concerning status of the Russian language as the second official language, tell me for what purpose citizens of Ivano-Frankivsk region need it if 99% speak Ukrainian? It is necessary to give opportunity to local counsils to decide whether they need second official language. In Odessa region,for example, there are some villages where people speak only Moldavian. What should they do” Tsushko stressed.

According to Tsushko, in case local communities can finance all expenditure in connection with introduction of the second official language, they may do it.

As a reminder, the Party of Regions is going to fulfill promise on giving Russian language the status of official language. The correspondent statement was published yesterday by the Press service of the Party of Regions.


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