People’s deputy of Ukraine of the fifth convocation Dmytro Vydrin considers the trip of Viktor Yanukovych to Moscow is connected with the forthcoming elections. He stated in the exclusive interview to the ForUm’s correspondent.

“I think we can leave the formal pretext of this meeting and pay attention that the true topic of this meeting may be the discussion with the leader of neighboring state about the political situation in Ukraine. The odds of victory of these or those political forces at the early elections and the political configuration after the elections will be talked over. I know that Putin has likings for long strategic steps and schemes, and of course, he worries who will be his partner in Ukrainian authority in two months”.

The People’s deputy thinks that the rare Yushchenko’s visits to Russia are connected with the rumors that the President of Ukraine is “undesirable quest” in Moscow.

“If you want to be an effective politician, you should go to those who like and dislike you, all the more, that the energy wellbeing depends on this country. When emotions take place in the politics, the management ends. It can’t be allowed,” he noted.


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