On August 20 the first in Ukraine "victims of orange revolution museum" will be opened in Luhansk. According to founders of this museum, the exhibits are necessary to be preserved in order to show next generations harm of riots like Maydan 2004. The founder of museum is Arsen Klynchar the deputy of municipal council of Luhansk from Party of Regions.

There is a doll of President Yushchenko at the entrance of museum.
There is also a stand “Myths of Yushchenko’s election promises” with photos and newspaper editions.

Museum has also small symbolic tent camp.
On opening day the video from Maydan 2004 will be broadcast.

Near the tens there is an orange doll-death with scythe.

In the middle of the room there is a big table with map of Ukraine. The map looks like Eastern politics would see it in case final victory of oranges. The map contains NATO small soldiers, doll of the USA president, Donbass is enclosed with orange prickly wire, the Tymoshenko doll, toy bulldozers near Odesa separating Ukraine from Transdnistria.

According to museum founder, UAH 200 thousand were spent on museum creation, including rent. Museum is planned to be movable. At first exhibition will be in Luhansk, later its exhibits will be shown throughout all Ukraine.


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