The composition of forces in the new parliament of Ukraine will be approximately the same as now, and the Party of Regions will stay in the governing coalition. People’s deputy of the fifth convocation, deputy chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions Borys Kolesnikov stated.

According to him, the sociologist’s data shows that if the Socialist’s party of Ukraine be in the new parliament, the composition will not change at all.

At the same time, Kolesnikov expressed his hope that “all our partners will be in the new parliament”. “But if it is not so, the Party of Regions and the Communist’s party of Ukraine have benefits over the “orange” forces. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the parliament, elected at the early elections, mustn’t be dismissed for a period of one year. I hope, one year will be enough for the parliamentarians in order to find common language,” Kolesnikov said.


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