One of the BYuT leaders Mykola Tomenko predicts that during the early parliamentary elections not less than 20 parties and blocs will participate.

At the same time, according to the preliminary forecasts, not more than 5 political forces will win in the early elections.

The most intriguing question of present campaign concerns the presence of Socialists party in the composition of new parliament. Besides, Tomenko noted that conflict of the early elections will be the following: whether the governing coalition will be able to keep the power or BYuT and “Our Ukraine” will take again the authorities, “UNIAN” reports.

Speaking about new Government formation after the early elections and the candidates for the Prime Minister’s position, Tomenko noted that the main intrigue of the parties “Our Ukraine” and BYuT will depend on quantity of votes. He reminded that according to the earlier signed agreement between BYuT and “Our Ukraine”, that political party, which will win, will propose its candidate for the position of the Prime Minister.


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