“Yanukovych’s government is a "unique" by that fact that it stopped 63 social laws and spoiled life of unprotected people by Law “On Budget," The BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko said that at the press conference on Wednesday.

She supported decision of CC on unconstitutionality of Yanukovych’s government actions and supported renewal of social privileges. According to Tymoshenko, almost all social unprotected citizens suffered from such actions of the PM.

In turn, BYuT undertakes to help to renew social guarantees for all citizens of Ukraine.

From tomorrow all BYuT headquarters will receive Ukrainians. People will be helped to appeal to courts, will be given free lawyers at party expenses.

Tymoshenko is convinced that from today resignation of Yanukovych’s government starts.

Yulia Tymoshenko stands for improvement of legislation on state purchases but stresses that the VRU is illegal and cant hold sessions now.

She considers Moroz violated legislation and Constitution.

Tymoshenko hopes that agreement of three leaders will be fulfilled, elections will take place and CEC will start its work on August 2 together with election campaign.


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