Talking about the Government plans on reforming Housing and Communal services and municipal services on the press-conference on June 21, the vice-prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Rybak admitted:

“The Cabinet of Ministers considered the Housing Code, which was worked out not only the first year, described the rights and responsibilities of all sides of the process. I mean citizens rights. That’s because we have the responsibility to pay, but to receive services – this is not for sure.

We drew the rights and responsibilities of exploiting organizations, local officials. We have to do everything in order to improve the quality of provided services. This is the only thing we need to achieve. People shouldn’t pay for the services, which are not provided. Unfortunately in the current system people had to pay for the services they didn’t receive. We have to stop this.”

Answering the questions on public transport, the vice-prime minister said: “On July 1 the law regulating the prices on the electricity for public passenger transport expires. Now there are the speculations, especially from energetic sphere. Yesterday Verkhovna Rada prolonged the law for three years. According to this law, the prices on the public transport remain the same for population. When somebody would like to make the prices as for the industry, the problem of revising the tariffs will occur. We introduced the proposals, Verkhovna Rada adopted them, we hope that President will sign this law, and the prices will remain the same for metro and electric transport,” according to PR press office.

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