In an article published in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Tuesday, President Victor Yushchenko said certain groups in Ukraine’s parliament were trying to breach last month’s deal to hold early parliamentary elections on September 30 and prolong their agony. “They breach their promises, harming the country’s interests,” he said, President's press office reported.

“When democratic values are disregarded by political leaders and state institutions paralyzed, the only chance to protect democracy is to materialize the will of voters,” he said, expressing confidence there would no longer be poll manipulations and that Ukraine would hold its snap poll in accordance with international standards.

Yushchenko said he sought to create a system of both effective and responsible governance in Ukraine and insisted that it was vital to balance powers and have independent and fair courts.

“We must set new rules preventing our deputies from selling their votes and so legislative immunity must be repealed,” he said.

The president urged Europe to continue to support Ukraine and described the country’s membership in the European Union as “our big goal.”


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