The Cabinet of Ministers allocated means to perform evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from Palestinian Autonomy to Ukraine. This is told in the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Minister №425 from June 15, 2007.

The Ukrainian Government allocated UAH 450 thousand to the Foreign Ministry for the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens, mainly women and children, from Palestine to Ukraine, because of the political situations occurred in that country. As a reminder, after the force exclusion of the FATH movement's supporters from the Gaza Sector and setting up sole control by the HAMAS over the territory, 129 Ukrainian citizens staying there approached the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry requiring evacuation. However, the Foreign Ministry is unable to say the precise number of Ukrainian citizens in Palestine.

Also, the Finance Ministry is charged to spend the mentioned means at the expenses of the reserve stock of the State’s budget. After the evacuation fulfillment, the Foreign Ministry should perform the statement of expenses by the end of the current year to the Ministry of Economy, the Finance Ministry and the Treasury.


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