The Antonov Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Complex will show the new AN-148 airplane at the International Paris Air Show Le Bourget-2007, June 18-24 in Paris (France), Cabinet press office informs.

A partner in organization of presentation of the new liner for international air community will be the French company Crouzet Automatismes. Under the participation of the company and under the aegis of the Association of Airspace Industry of France (GIFAS) the Antonov's Day will be held at the saloon.

According to experts' estimations, the AN-148 surpasses by 25-30% in exploitation efficiency over the other airplanes of a similar class. Estimated volume of the aircraft's global market by 2013 is valued at almost 500 items, and 170 items in the CIS market. The aircraft's estimated value equal to 16.2-18 mln. USD depending on completing units.

Airplanes of the AN-148 series are designed for passenger, cargo-and-passenger and cargo transportation in regional and short-haul airlines.

The AN-148 is a new generation regional jet aircraft. Its base version is meant for conveyance of up to 80 passengers with up to 5,100 km. range.


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