The VR will consider the question on betrayal of judicial oath by the CCU judges next week. 251 People's Deputy voted to put the given question on the agenda at the Ukrainian parliament session.


The voting will decide the destiny of the following CCU judges: Dmytro Lilak, Volodymyr Kampo, Petro Stetsyuk and Vktor Shyshkyn.


At the same time, speaker Olexander Moroz informed that the parliament will consider this question only if the profile committee holds necessary procedure preparation of the needed documents for viewing this question.


As a reminder, Igor Zvarych, the faction member of the PR, on May 18 noted: after the CCU took into consideration the conception concerning the constitutionality of the President Decree of April 2, five judges of the CCU (Dmytro Lilak, Volodymyr Kampo, Petro Stetsyuk, Vktor Shyshkyn and Yaroslav Machuzhak) appeared with an estimation of the Decree. Therefore, the VR registered on May 8 the draft resolution N3517 on judges D. Lilak, V. Kampo, V. Shyshkyn, Y.Machuzhak dismissal and also N3517-1 on P.Stetsyuk discharge (the VR quota).


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