President Victor Yushchenko on Friday commended Ukraine’s prominent bankers, who are celebrating their professional holiday today, for creating an effective banking system, calling it one of the country’s biggest achievements, according to president's press office.

“As former chairman of the National Bank and professional banker, I am very happy to see this awakening interest and reviving public trust in Ukraine’s banking system,” he said. “I am happy that foreign investment and foreign assets bring fast profits and that a few Ukrainian banks have been purchased by foreign banks in the past couple of years. This shows the world appreciates Ukraine’s banking potential.”

Yushchenko praised the National Bank of Ukraine for “confidently performing its functions as a firm pillar of the country’s banking and financial system,” thanking its creators for patriotism, responsibility and professional commitment. “I appreciate what you have done and what you are doing now.”

The President also outlined his plan to resolve the country’s escalating political crisis. “My position is categorical: we must hold early elections as well as political talks to organize these elections democratically, finance them and pass amendments to Ukrainian electoral laws and the law on the status of deputies.”

Yushchenko reassured the bankers “we will walk this path until the end.” “This is the sole way to democratize the relationship between government and citizens and learn to resolve political problems through dialogue. We are capable of reacting to these challenges without any assistance. We need no advice and recommendations because we are a self-sufficient nation,” he said.


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