The Emergency Minister Nestor Shufrych is convinced that after early parliamentary elections Viktor Yanukovych will still be the PM. He told today in an interview to “Profil” magazine.

“I am sure that in case the parliamentary elections the government, in particular Yanukovych, will not be changed,” he said.

He also opined that the most appropriate time for the parliamentary elections is 2011. “It is my point of view as the citizen. I do not see any legal reasons for early elections. Early parliamentary elections can be carried out only under consent of all political parties, first of all the coalition,” he added.

Shufrych noted that the President will not benefit from early parliamentary elections.

“I know that the President will lose. But BYuT will win at any circumstances, even if it remains in opposition. BYuT will strengthen its team by means of rights forces first of all by means of OU. I suppose that for Yushchenko the situation is very ticklish. Voting results for OU will give up for Yushchenko’s lost,” he said.


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