Recent statements by Ukraine’s parliamentary majority and its cabinet of ministers to persuade President Victor Yushchenko to hold talks to resolve the ongoing political crisis are mere words, Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha said on Friday. He added Ukraine “will get out of this abyss if it holds fresh elections.”

“This is President Victor Yushchenko’s clear and unshakable belief, which Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych should share. This logic should be shared by both the country’s government and opposition. This is the logic of law and common sense. It is anticipated by society and will protect the country from the relapses of political corruption…”

Baloha said there was an “important factor that convincingly illustrates the slyness of the governing coalition”: although they are calling for compromise, they are deliberately destroying possibilities for this dialogue by sabotaging the implementation of the dissolution decree, blocking the Central Election Commission and making provocative statements in the Verkhovna Rada. They claim early elections pose a threat to the country, even though fresh elections are common in democratic societies and help resolve crises, he said, president's press office informs.

“What can they discuss with the president after such statements? Only ways to organize and hold the elections. All other proposals are pointless and cannotbe discussed with the head of state. The factory producing roundtables in the presidential secretariat will not be working until the day of the vote,” he said.

Balohasaid the political crisis had been caused “not by the president but by the tandem of the government and parliament seeking to usurp power and impudently violating the constitution.” He said Premier Yanukovych had repeatedly insisted it was necessary to settle the situation in a political manner.

“However, there have been no reasonable proposals yet… But the first electoral step by the government could show its ability to adequately appreciate reality and act legally. Society is looking forward to such a step,” he said.

"President Yushchenko has proposed a number of measures to end the political deadlock. The opposition has supported his anti-crisis ideas. The other camp is still sending contradictory signals and appealing to either Strasbourg or the Pope but is doing nothing,” he said.

He added President Yushchenko would not suspend or rescind his dissolution decree.

“Victor Yushchenko is convinced it is time we stopped playing political games and started working. It is time we understood this,” he said.


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