President Victor Yushchenko has met with Petro Pylypchuk, first deputy head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine and chairman of the Council of Justices, president's press office informs.

They spoke about the judicial system and its problems, and discussed ways to develop dialogue between the Supreme Court and the other two branches of power.

Yushchenko praised Vasyl Onopenko, head of the Supreme Court, for his efforts to restore “elementary order” in the judicial system.

“I think these new policies in the judicial system will help renew social trust in courts and make the system truly independent,” he said, adding that there were lots of great challenges ahead.

The Ukrainian leader said he had recently issued a decree to dismiss Onopenko as member of Ukraine’s security and defense council “in order to depoliticize the Supreme Court.” “As a person that has to be distanced from politics, the head of the Supreme Court should not take political responsibility for this or that step,” he said.

Yushchenko said it was important to build closer ties between the Supreme Court and the country’s other branches of power, particularly his secretariat.

“I am interested in ensuring that the president’s legislative initiatives… are exceptionally lawful and consistent with the constitution and Ukraine’s laws,” he said.

Pylypchuk agreed it was necessary to build “constructive cooperation” with the branches of power. He added that the 2003 rules to appointjudges to fill administrative positions were “not very transparent” and should be revised.


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