Ukraine should engage Kazakhstan, as well as other countries, able to supply the necessary volumes of gas and oil, to the Odesa-Brody project, Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Monday, according to Cabinet press office.

The project realization will give Ukraine a real source of energy diversification. Still, he added, Ukraine should be realistic and rely on pragmatic approaches. "If there is no oil in this project, then we can only ladle water from the Black Sea and pump it to Brody. The pipe of its own costs nothing without relevant fuel filled in," Yatsenyuk said.

In late March Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstan is interested in the Odesa - Brody - Gdansk project and offers Russia to join its realization. According to him, Kazakhstan is interested in having many alternative supply ways for its fuel export, as in 2012 - 2015 the republic will become a huge oil supplier.

According to experts, the project's success much depends on Kazakhstan's involvement, as Azeri resources are not enough. Ukraine counts that in case of oil excess in the existent Baku-Tbilisi - Ceyhan oil pipeline the Odesa-Brody project may be commissioned in the direct mode in two years. The issue is supposed to be discussed at an energy summit in Warsaw, slated for May 2007.

The Odesa-Brody oil pipeline was commissioned in September 2004. Since it was commissioned it has pumped some10.5 million tons of Russian oil. The extension of the pipeline to Poland the Ukrainian president once called a "good opportunity of a group of nations to get access to new alternative oil markets, not losing the old ones".

The mainline 675 km-Odesa-Brody pipeline was being constructed between 1996 and 2002. The promising capability of the pipeline is 14.5 million tons of oil products annually. It was supposed to carry oil to European Union countries.

However, under certain circumstances a decision has been passed to temporary use the oil pipeline for pumping Russian oil to the Odesa Southern terminal.

Presently the pipeline is functioning in the reverse mode.


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