Before the CCU verdict concerning legality of the President’s decree on the VRU dissolution the Central Election Commission considers that the President’s decree is valid, the deputy chairman of the CEC Marina Stavnychuk told today.

“It is clear that before the CCU verdict the decree is invalid. But validity presumption of the decree is out of doubt at least for the CEC,” she told.

She also noted that before the CCU verdict the CEC does not make any decisions.

“There is a decision of jurisdiction courts… that forbids the CEC to make any actions and decisions concerning early elections arrangement,” she said.

The registration documents of the candidatures to the people’s deputies are necessary to be submitted to the CEC up to April 2 (25 days before elections). Besides the term of formation of district election committees is expired on April 6. Four out of 13 CEC members are in sick-lists. But to make any decision it is necessary ten members of the CEC.


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