Victor Yushchenko’s representative in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Volodymyr Shapoval, called the Verkhovna Rada an “unauthorized assembly of people’s deputies” during a media briefing on Wednesday. 

He said Monday’s decree to dissolve parliament “came into force as soon as the President announced his decision live on television” and added that all the resolutions passed by the de jure disbanded Verkhovna Rada were illegitimate. 

He said the order dissolving parliament had been signed in accordance with Ukraine’s constitution and cited item 2 of article 102: “The President is the guarantor of Ukraine's state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the observance of the Constitution of Ukraine and human and civil rights and freedoms,” president' press office reported.

He said this article, although virtually declarative, had a profound legal meaning.  The Constitutional Court of Ukraine has not interpreted it yet and so President Yushchenko can interpret it himself as the guarantor of the constitution, he said.  

Shapoval said the formation of a parliamentary coalition had been unconstitutional from the start. He stressed, however, that the majority had “blatantly violated”  the country’s constitution on March 23 in an apparent attempt to usurp power.  

Thus the Head of State was obliged to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada, he said. “Why obliged? Because it is his obligation if he is the guarantor.”   


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