Coordinator of the parliamentary coalition Raisa Bogatyryova is convinced that early parliamentary elections will not change the political situation, as number of Party of Regions’ supporters increases constantly. She told Wednesday at a meeting with US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor.

The parties discussed key problems of the political situation in Ukraine, development of events concerning the dialogue among the President, the government, the coalition and the opposition, ways of maintenance of stability of the constitutional form, formation of policy of national unity jointly with the President, preparation of an action plan of the government, conduct of social and economic reforms, fight against corruption, energy independence of Ukraine and the like.

In the course of the meeting Bogatyryova declared that policy of the parliamentary majority and the government is directed to development of a powerful state resting on national resources and open policy for investors. “It is a policy of national pragmatism aimed at creation of economic model of development in accordance with principles of publicity, socialization and solidarity, “she noted.

Bogatyryova noted that the parliamentary-governmental coalition of national unity is ready to mutual actions with the opposition in law-making process in case the opposition initiates constructive propositions concerning interests of all Ukrainians. “But we are not ready to any extreme actions aimed at destabilization of the situation and strengthening of political crisis with the purpose of early parliamentary elections. They will not change anything as number of supporters of the Party of Regions only increases. Moreover, this also will contribute to the presidential elections as such crisis will concern President’s institution most of all,” Bogatyryova noted.


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