The people deputy, a member of “Our Ukraine” faction Yury Klyuchkovsky called draft bill submitted by Vasyl Kiselyov to prohibit the President to be a head of the party or a bloc as nonsense that has no prospects, the press service of OU informs.

“Absolutely non-constructive position of the anti crisis majority is observed. It is an attempt to restrict status of the President. It is not coordinated with the Constitution. Obligations, rights and authorities of the President are prescribed in the Constitution, after all,” Klyuchkovsky explained.

The law on political parties can’t regulate this question. Moreover, this draft bill touches not only political status of the President but also restricts his actions. It passes all bounds,” he considers.

“Today the coalition speaks constantly about restrictions of the President’s functions and about strengthening the PM’s functions. It would be expedient to make appropriate offers concerning Yanukovych. The PM should be a PM for all Ukrainians but not for one party or coalition. He should be out of faction. Then the draft bill of the coalition would be consistent,” he stressed.


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