The anti crisis coalition declares about transfer to a qualitatively new level of its activity. The anti crisis coalition statement says.

“Having solved top-priority tasks, we intend to unite the whole Ukrainian people on the way to development and progress. The coalition of national unity is ready to cooperate with all political forces in the parliament and with people which are united by the national idea of development of sovereign, democratic and social Ukraine,” it is said in the statement.

The governing coalition stands for establishment of civilized relations between the power and the people, the basis of which is a constant constructive dialogue.

“Ground for our actions will be concrete program-target method of governing and fulfillment of medium term tasks. We will fight against the poverty and collapse together,” the coalition promises.

The author of the statement also notes the professionalism and responsibility of the Government that demonstrated “deceitful pragmatic steps on the way to overcome negative events.”

“We managed to implement real mechanism of social protection of the citizens and to increase minimal salary and pension,” the statement says.

The governing coalition declares that its further work will be aimed at providing stable economic growth in the country. We will form effective models of interactions and cooperation with the VR, Cabinet and the President within the framework of the Constitution of Ukraine,” the governing coalition says


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