Official site of the Emergency Ministry of Ukraine published “Argument in support of Ukraine’s accession into NATO”.

The document says that having joined NATO Ukraine would advance European standards in all spheres of public life, and NATO membership would advance Ukraine’s accession into the EU.

“Due to Ukraine’s accession into NATO defense expenditure will not increase, but security of the country will improve. NATO membership will help Ukraine to reform its Armed Forces faster and cheaper and to increase its combat readiness,” the document states.

“Neutral status is very expensive for budget of any country. NATO membership is very profitable, as membership dues will be repaid a hundredfold in the form of investments into infrastructure,” the “Argument” says.

The document also underlines that NATO membership does not mean obligatory participation of Ukrainian troops in every NATO operation – each country independently determines its contribution to military operations of the Alliance.

“NATO does not demand deployment of its bases on the territory of Ukraine in exchange for its membership. Accession into NATO will mean final neutralization of Russia’s influence over Ukraine,” the document says.

Commenting on this publication, Emergency Ministry Nestor Shufrych named the “Argument” “certain defects in the work of the Ministry.”

“Our position is open and correct. We stand for cooperation with NATO. We support the program of cooperation with NATO, but only within the program. To speak about Ukraine’s accession into NATO is irresponsible and provocative,” the Ministry added.


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