In case the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko signs a decree on the Verkhovna Rada dismissal, the anti crisis coalition will not fulfill this decree. The member of the SPU Vasyl Volga told in an interview.

“We won’t fulfill any decree on parliament dismissal,” he said. The people’s deputy noted that in case of such decree, “all central authorities of executive power will be under strict protection of the Interior Ministry forces”. “The forces of the Interior Ministry will act in accordance with the constitution, maintaining public and the constitutional order in the country,” Volga said.

Moreover, according to Volga, the VR will make urgent decision to admit President’s decrees illegal. At the same time he noted that such scenario, maybe in other words, was said by Azarov, Bogatyreva, the PM and the speaker of the VR.

According to Volga, anti crisis coalition has information that the Western Ukraine intends to make a decision not to obey Kyiv and to introduce direct presidential government.

In case Yushchenko will agree it, we will have two countries in two weeks. But I am convinced Yushchenko will not do so and we will make a compromise,” he said. The people’s deputy doubts that Yushchenko aims to destabilize situation in the country.

As a reminder, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Roman Zvarych recently has declared that in the near future legal grounds for parliament dismissal can appear. In particular, in case the law on changes introductions to the main law of Ukraine is admitted unconstitutional.


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