This Friday the draft bill on execution of early parliamentary and presidential elections on September 30 is expected to be submitted in the VR. The deputy head of the Party of Regions Vasyl Kiselyov told today.

Answering the question whether the President of Ukraine supports such draft bill and whether it is possible to execute presidential and parliamentary elections together, the deputy noted: “Why not? If he is a real president, he will support our initiative as in 1994 Leonid Kravchuk did it.”

Kiselyov does not exclude that the document on execution of early elections can be voted as a resolution of the VR. Answering the question whether this draft bill is agreed with the parliamentary coalition, he said: “It will be an intrigue. I do not exclude we will vote for it as a resolution.”

At the same time, he did not name the authors of this draft bill. He informed about them later at the press conference.


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