Joint oppositional activity of BYuT and Our Ukraine will let to remove criminal and oligarchic power as soon as possible, and to restore democratic European development of Ukraine by means of dismissal of the parliament and holding early election. It is said in the statement on joint oppositional activity in the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation, signed yesterday by BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko and OU faction leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko.

The document says these political forces intend to defend jointly ideals and values, gained by the Ukrainian people in 2004 – freedom, democracy, national unity and just social policy.

BYuT and Our Ukraine express readiness to:

Work on new version of the Constitution of Ukraine and initiate abolition of unbalanced constitutional changes;

Introduce imperative mandate for deputies of all levels;

Initiate conduct of early parliamentary elections and elections to local councils;

Work out and secure status of local self-government in accordance with European norms;

Support adoption of the agreed draft bill “On parliamentary opposition”;

Work out draft bills on increase of living standards, improvement of health services and other social guarantees;   

Guarantee cooperation of BYuT and Our Ukraine in local councils;

Jointly coordinate and support staff propositions, submitted for consideration to the VR.
BYuT and Our Ukraine also declare they will never support changes to the Constitution of Ukraine, which may destroy the system of government, threaten territorial integrity of the country, deform the system of executive power and limit authorities of the President of Ukraine.

In addition, these political forces do not intend to support overcoming President’s vetoes, imposed on draft bills of the anti-crisis coalition on home and foreign policies, on the law on President, on National Security and Defense Council, on Constitutional Court, on normative and legal acts, on local state administrations.

BYuT and Our Ukraine express assurance that their cooperation will revive unity of democratic forces not only in the parliament, but in the society.


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