In Chernobyl estrangement zone at the expense of international technical help number of objects on handling with radioactive wastes of Chernobyl origin and waste nuclear fuel of Chernobyl Nuclear Power-Station is constructed.

One of such objects is storehouse of wasted nuclear fuel (SWNF-2). The French company Areva/Framatome and American company Holtec International are participating in its construction.

It should be noted that SWNF is intended for long term secure storage of waste nuclear fuel exceptionally of Chernobyl Nuclear Power-Station. Holtec International is planned to complete its construction and set it into operation.

As for construction in the estrangement zone of storehouse for waste nuclear fuel of other Nuclear Power-Stations of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada makes a decision on allocation and construction, according to the law of Ukraine. At present the construction of such storehouses is not planned. The Emergency Ministry of Ukraine didn’t receive any considerations on allocation of such object in the estrangement zone yet.


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