By the end of the year 2007 volume of foreign films in cinemas of Ukraine dubbed in Ukrainian must make 50%, and of cartoons – 100%. Minister of culture and tourism Yuri Bohutsky told Monday at a press conference.

 Representatives of Ukrainian distributorships and Ministry for culture and tourism have signed a Memorandum “On cooperation.”

“Today we have all grounds to apply article 14 of the law ‘On cinema’,” Bohutsky said.

According to the norm of the law, volume of foreign films dubbed in Ukrainian must make 100% by the end of the year. However, the minister noted, there are certain difficulties with implementation of the norm.

“In such delicate sphere violence causes back reaction. We must take into account that we live in Ukraine,” the minister said.

Hence, according to the minister and distributorships, films of Russian production will not be dubbed in Ukrainian.

“As for Russian movies, I consider there is nothing bad in that movies will be showed in original language in some regions of Ukraine,” Bohutsky said.

The minister promised that within the Memorandum his Ministry and distributorships will settle such issues taking into account language priorities of the regions and interests of distributors.

Besides, according to agreements between the government and distributors, changes into Tax Code of Ukraine will be introduced with time, which will reduce tax for Ukrainian dubbed movies, and consequently a ticket will cost cheaper.

Bohutsky also noted that Ukraine does not have technical possibility to dub 100% of foreign movies, but the government intends to allocate about ten million hryvnias to Dovzhenko national center, what will allow making high-quality dub of foreign movies. According to the minister, distributorships and other investors also will allocate money for technical re-equipment of the center.


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