This Friday Orthodox Church celebrates Epiphany.

This holy day is set in memory of christening of Jesus Christ in Jordan River by John the Baptist. According to the Gospel, when the Jesus came out of the river the Holy Spirit in the form of pigeon condescended to him and there was a voice of God-Farther: “It is my beloved son, in whom my benevolence is.”

At Epiphany’s eve it is assumed to consecrate water in Orthodox churches. In ancient times Orthodox believers consecrated water in lakes or rivers, having made a ice-hole around which religious procession was carried out. People took holy water from the ice-hole brought it home and kept it the whole year to prevent their family and house from evil eye

According to ancient Russian faith, during 12 holy days since Christmas to Epiphany new born God is wandering along the Earth, that’s why any work was considered as a sin.


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