Azerbaijani ambassador to Ukraine Telet Aliyev met with Aleksandr Lavrinovich, Ukrainian Minister of Justice, to prevent the violence of the rights of Azerbaijanis temporary living in Ukraine, the ambassador told APA.

He said that the meeting was effective.

“It was decided to improve the cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of both countries and to organize bilateral visit of experts to give thorough advice. Aleksandr Lavrinovich invited his Azerbaijani counterpart Fikret Mammedov to Ukraine. We’ll deliver the invitation to the address”, he said.

Telet Aliyev stated that new law on Migration in Russia makes negative impact on Azerbaijanis living there. He added that the embassy work to prevent Azerbaijanis in Ukraine from facing such problems.

“Near 500 thousand of Azerbaijanis live in Ukraine now. 20% of them are the citizens of Ukraine and the rest are Azerbaijanis temporary living here. The officers of the embassy are sent on an assignment to different regions to study their problems. Personally I have met with Azerbaijanis working in Troeshno market and talked to them on this issue”, he said.

The ambassador noted that he is going to meet with the Ukrainian minister of Interior Affairs and his deputy next month. He will demand to take appropriate measures to stop negative actions. The ambassador said that he had discussed the problems of near 160 Azerbaijanis who are in prison in Ukraine with the minister of justice.

“We consider the appeals of Azerbaijani prisoners who prefer to be in jail in Azerbaijan. In such cases, the prisoner is handed to the other side according the relevant law of the countries. There is no such appeal at present”, he said.

Telet Aliyev added that the officers will be sent on an assignment to the jails to study the detention conditions of Azeri prisoners


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