Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha said on Thursday Ukraine’s political forces “must pass a test on their ability to compromise and coexist.”

“I am convinced that understanding will prevail. They impose confrontation but we offer competition and compromise, for compromise is a weapon of strong people. Instead of one C for conflict, we offer three C’s for competition, compromise and consolidation. This is a formula of success for 2007,” he said at a press conference, press office of the president reported.

Baloha said the year 2006 had shown that it was impossible for one political force to monopolize power in the country. Summing up political results of the year, he said the major event was the March 26 election and its consequences. He said the vote had been conducted democratically and transparently for the first time in our history.

“However, the changed Constitution impeded the transformation of the political system. Following the election, there was a power struggle when a governing coalition was being formed and later, when a war of powers broke out,” he said, adding that the first lesson to learn was that “constitutional reform is still raw and cannot be abandoned halfway, as it will be bad for the political system and the country.”

“The Constitution needs further improvements to construct an effective parliamentary-presidential state. So the year 2007 should be a year to improve constitutional reform,” he said.

Speaking about the constitutional role of the President, the Chief of Staff said the President “leads the country no matter who leads the government.”

“There is only one head of state in Ukraine, the President. All the branches of power have to serve the people. The President has been given a direct mandate from the people and is responsible for the voters and our history. He is the guarantor of the Constitution and stability. He will continue to reinforce his hierarchy and determine the country’s staff policy. He will do what he is entitled to do by the Constitution,” he said.

“The President will insist that the government be consistent, pragmatic and professional,” he said. 


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