The leader of “Our Ukraine” faction, ex vice Prime Minister of the Country Vyacheslav Kyrylenko considers that the main political result of 2006 is democracy parliamentary elections, changes introduction in the Constitution and non-coordination of actions of democratic forces. He told in an interview, analyzing results of 2006 and perspectives of 2007.

Kyrylenko noted that changes in the Constitution are “political-legal chaos that becomes more noticeable for ordinary citizens.” “It is very dangerous,” he said.

“Disunity of democratic forces is a lesson for everyone who would like to make conclusions from mistakes and to provide new quality of democratic platform,” Kyrylenko noted.

Ex vice Prime Minister expressed the hope that in 2007 will be “a year of search of positive decisions and European quality of policy.”

Speaking about economic aspect, Kyrylenko noted that Yury Yekhanurov’s government chose a doctrine of minimum interference in economy, small and medium business developed without administrative interference, economy development had positive dynamics, social and GDP rates increased.”

According to him, doctrine of the previous government remains in force up to now. “If principles of administrative tension, tax pursuit, abuse during the controls are not renewed, the economy will easy react to the chaos, brought out by the changes in the Constitution,” he said.

However Kyrylenko stressed that 2006 turned to be absolutely vain as to the economic reforms.

The people’s deputy doesn’t exclude that 2007 can bring continuation of the political struggle. At the same time with the cancellation of the political reform in case of “new quality of the Constitution” that will be a compromise from all sides, the country can get a possibility to think about adoption of new economic bills and execution of new economic reforms. “However if the political forces do no reach a compromise we can be participants of early parliamentary elections,” he emphasized.


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